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Second “Set of Assignments” as Virtual Assistant Trainee

How to Create Forms for Survey using Google Docs

You can create any number of polls and surveys using Google Docs for free and virtually unlimited number of people can participate in such surveys via the web browser.  Here is a step by step tutorial on how to create surveys using google docs.

This is the sample form that has been created by the above slide tutorial.

How to Use Google Calendar

Google Calendar is a free time management web application.  Calendar can be shared either read-only or full access.  In this tutorial, you will learn the basics on how to create an event and share it with your friends or co-workers.  Have fun learning!

How to Post and Insert a Video in your Blogger Blog 

Check this very easy and enjoyable way, have fun doing it ;D

How to Insert a Video to Facebook

Come have fun learning this very easy step-by-step procedure ;D.

How to use dlvr.it

“dlvr.it” – is a social content optimization platform.  It pulls content from any of your existing feeds and intelligently formats and delivers it to your social networks. “dlvr.it” platform connects your social content to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and many more social networks. Here is a tutorial on how to use dlvr.it to deliver blog to facebook page.

How to Use Free Hosted WordPress

How to Use Invoice Bubble

Invoice Bubble lets you create invoices free and free invoice software. Make an Invoice online, send it and get paid through PayPal. Here is a simple step by step tutorials on how to set-up your account, create an invoice and send to your client.

How to Use Listwire

Listwire is a simple yet effective autoresponder that anyone can use. List Wire makes it incredibly easy to create subscription forms and add them to your own website, or blog. Best of all, it’s free! Here is a detailed tutorial on how to create an account and create a message using Listwire.

How to Use Sage One

Sage One is a simple, online business application with the essential tools entrepreneurs need to run their businesses.   You can track project, time, tasks and expenses.  Exchange files, and manage invoicing.  Its also collaboration friendly making it simple to share files and keep everyone informed. It’s all in one place which saves you time and makes business life easier.

Green Baby

Green Baby

Baby has certain charm that never exhaust, they are angels in a human form. They bring great joy and profound excitement beyond words.

How to Post Something on Facebook, The Basic by Amazing Grace, Tendershoot, VA

How to Post Something In Facebook, The Basic

Facebook is a very up-to-date and trendy way of sharing your updates with your friends around the globe. Personal updates, inspiring quotes, beautiful pictures, ask questions, even personal messages and many other things. The things you share will appear on Facebook Timeline and on your friends news feed.

Here are some basic tutorials on how to post and even delete posts on facebook, enjoy and have fun!

 Virtual Assistant – a worker who generates, process and manipulate information using powerful software in the virtual space of internet, producing a very influential and productive outcome beneficial to the world wide web of “internet marketing”. (By the way, this is just my very own rendition of what a VA is all about.)

 Well, I am a beginner aspiring to be a qualified expert in the so called world wide web of “Internet Marketing” and the world of “Virtual Assisting” is my terminology correct?  Better known as “Virtual Assistant”!  I am quite excited; frankly, since I felt a part of my being which has been lurking subconsciously in deep silence has finally emerged. I do not know yet how to name it, but at this point I am convinced that I can find it under the title of “Virtual Assistant”. 

 I attended my very first workshop on Internet Marketing this “Mary (merry) month of May of the blessed Mother”, very interesting though, it’s an eye opener for us small time entrepreneurs, ordinary employees, stay-at-home moms who are in-search for a part-time or full-time work.  There is a gigantic possibility of becoming rich, and it’s within our reach while enjoying the pleasurable ways of doing it.  Not only that, it’s a “Work from Home” and you will be your own boss, at your own preferred working time, sounds great and fun, right! 

 Although the workshop left an enormous room of hunger for more information and knowledge to learn, absorb and practice; I told myself I have to take it one step at a time.  Focus, practice, determination, patience, resourcefulness and creativity are the qualities you need to gain a positive end-result.

I offer this first work of my hand to God Almighty, to my family and to all the people who have made my way in this virtual place of my existence.  I shall continue to impart to you all with a willing heart my future learning’s.

God Bless Us All!

 Amazing Grace, Tendershoot, VA